Twelve weeks ago today…

anini beach…coral collection

anini beach…coral collection

aloha everyone,

it’s been awhile since i’ve written…let me explain.  hard to believe, but just twelve weeks ago today i underwent emergency hip fracture surgery on the island of kauai.  many of you know the story, but for those that have not heard, following is a brief synopsis.

dave, domenica and i decided to hike the kalalau trail, na pali coast, on the last day of our summer vacation in hanalei.  we got an early start, parked at the trailhead, had snacks and gear packed for an afternoon snorkel.  the trail conditions were optimum—dry and clear weather.  we quickly arrived at hanakapi’ai beach (2 mile marker) and decided to climb two more miles to the first waterfall.  we continued at a relatively brisk pace and the surrounding rainforest and bamboo groves were magical.  domenica and i commented on a tiny cleared space for helicopter landings…wondering why it was there?  little did we know, that a few hours later we would await a rescue helicopter at this very site.  we waited for 40 minutes and then continued onto hanakapi’ai beach where the helicopter and rescue crew flew me to princeville airport to transfer by ambulance to wilcox hospital in lihue.

you see, i never made it to the waterfall because i fell on a boulder while crossing a stream.  the fall was of sufficient force to cause multiple fractures in my left upper femur.  with the help of a stranger (and saint?) named art, dave carried me down the trail on his back, my leg dangling.  domenica ran 3 1/2 miles to the trailhead for lifeguard assistance.  i did my best to breathe and think positive thoughts.  after all, the next morning was our flight home and we still had LOTS to do on our last day.  however, the doctors informed me that i would not be going anywhere until i had interotrochanter hip surgery complete with pins, plates and screws that will remain in my leg forever.  a day and a half after surgery we flew home.  i cannot tell you how good it was to see domenica at the airport and return home to cardiff!

though this setback has been a challenge in many ways (think:  no driving, needing shower assistance, not able to get socks on!), it has also reinforced what i already believed in my heart:  family and friends want to help and are truly compassionate.  it has also reinforced my belief that the foods we choose to eat, the thoughts we choose to think, and the company we choose to keep, all influence our bodies, minds and spirits.

so, watch your step; eat healthy foods; keep moving your body and stretching your mind daily.  above all, don’t take ANYTHING or anyone you love for granted. heartfelt thanks to everyone who visited, provided food and comfort.

much love especially to dave and domenica—in times of distress, the love of family is what gets us through each day.


p.s.  NEXT (EXCITING!) BLOGPOST:  domenica and i will be featured in a national magazine entitled “mother earth living” jan/feb. 2014 edition.  the magazine is due on newsstands at the end of this month.  i hope you will join us in supporting this beautiful and timely magazine which celebrates “natural homes and healthy life.”


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  1. Hi Elena…so glad to see you are recovered enough to get back to all the things you love. Great post on the reminder to stay positive.
    Love you and hope to see you soon,

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