time to “spring” the blog!


hello friends, old and new,

i am pleased to announce the official “launch” of my website…colormykitchen.com which is primarily a recipe blog inspired by the colorful and nutrient-rich produce that is bestowed upon us with each changing season.

please take a few minutes to read my ABOUT ME and FAQ sections so that we may become better acquainted and you will understand my motivations for initiating the project.  i am hopeful you will subscribe to my blog via the easy RSS button which will deliver new posts/recipes to your email address on a weekly basis.  i will post simple, flavorful, vibrant recipes, kitchen tips, food-related trends and nutritional updates.  feel free to contact me with specific questions, ingredient requests or recipe comments.

as an added bonus, i will hold random gift drawings from time-to-time.  the gifts might include a specific food item, kitchen tool or cooking class in your own home.  let’s get started with a subscription and possible prize now!

if you are one of my first 100 subscribers and randomly chosen, you will receive a much coveted baker & olive “zing flavor box” which contains two fresh olive oils and two aged balsamics with fantastic pairing suggestions.

follow me (now!) for a weekly serving of color-infused recipes and creative tips from my kitchen to yours…

buon appetito,


4 thoughts on “time to “spring” the blog!

    • hey mike,
      wow, finally! we’ve been talking about this blog since we first met haven’t we? you are one of my dearest food-loving/gardening friends and i look forward to many more meals and beer making sessions together…

  1. Congratulations to my beautiful, talented sister-in-law. Love the new blog and all the deliciousness – Great Job! Looking forward to being inspired by cooking. Maybe I’ll start my own backyard garden sometime soon. XOXO

    • dear nina –my dear talented and beautiful sister-in-law!
      thank you so much for your kind words about the blog. it has been a really fun (at times frustrating) project that is keeping me busy now that i am an empty nester mom. you know how much i LOVE to be in the kitchen, so it’s nice that finally i get to focus on that passion…
      with affection,

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