50 shades of green…

just picked and chopped greens/herbs

just picked and chopped greens and herbs…

hello friends and relatives of colormykitchen…

well, maybe i exaggerated about the 50 shades of green just to get your attention!

seriously, following the recent rainstorm (thank goodness) all the colors of the garden, including the greens, are vibrant, welcoming and calming.  i’ve always been drawn to greens and blues, however since undertaking watercolor/pen/ink classes with the talented, popular and delightful instructor, lori mitchell (ATHENAEUM SCHOOL OF ARTS & MUSIC, la jolla) i am substantially more aware of color, composition, shadow, movement, light, structures of buildings, details of faces and eyes, negative shapes and attempting to capture the third dimension on paper.  all very daunting and challenging, yet exciting to become much more “aware” of everything i view.

i admire lori’s work and methods so much that i will be joining her and ten other artists for a sketching/walking tour of the cote d’azur, france, in a few days.  no doubt this trip will inspire art, food photos and inventive recipes for colormykitchen.com!

on the home front, the photo above is a combination of herbs and greens just picked and chopped for addition to our sunday morning frittatta.  if you have a small space, or not much time to spend in the garden, i highly recommend planting a few herbs and greens.  these edibles are fast growing and SO flavorful (and expensive at the market).  the above photo consists of:  arugula, tuscan kale, african blue basil, winter savory, flat leafed parsley, greek oregano and spearmint.

to conclude with some EXCITING news…domenica and our front yard “dining room” is featured in the MAY/JUNE 2015 issue of Mother Earth Magazine (page 9) for a piece entitled “healthy home-breathing room”.  please pick up a copy of the magazine which is loaded with ideas  to make our lives and homes healthier and more abundant.  we are proud to be featured once again in this publication.

best news of all…domenica will be home soon for summer vacation from CAL POLY/SLO. just in time for ripe plums, apples, tomatoes (tons), figs, eggplants, cucumbers, pole beans, herbs, dahlia bouquets, lunch in the garden… cooking with her mom and surfing with her dad.

merci beaucoup for reading and please keep in touch,


gardens and girlfriends…

luscious lavender!

luscious lavender!

happy monday, dear readers,

yesterday was one of those lazy sundays.  lots to do in the garden, yet reading the sunday TIMES after lunch seemed more appealing…

the energy of the afternoon changed with a welcome phone call from my girlfriend, chacha.  though we’ve recently connected after being acquaintances for years, our newfound friendship is a blessing to me at this period in my life.  we are both empty nesters with our daughters off to college and we enjoy many of the same passions:  cooking, gardening, nature, pottery, photography, reading and traveling.  yesterday she called to ask if i would be home as she had picked a bouquet of lavender for me!  “would you like to trade for some greens?” she asked.

she and her husband jon rode over on their bikes for a visit with dave and i.   chacha and i chatted while clipping snowpeas, english peas, lettuces, chards, beets and beet tops, loads of kale, and guavas.  in her beautiful colombian accent she exclaimed that she didn’t have to go to the farmers’ market because she could find what she needed at my house…she felt fortunate that we could barter lavender for greens.

i thought to myself that this impromptu visit is the true meaning of friendship…sharing the abundance of what we have and enjoying an afternoon outdoors in the garden.

i wish you could smell the lavender…certainly a treat for the senses (and “colorful”).



she knows me well…

showing off the prep bowls...

showing off the prep bowls…

hello friends and family,

in my opinion, you can’t have too many bowls in your colorful kitchen…prep bowls, mixing bowls, cereal/soup/pasta bowls, latte bowls, bowls with pour spouts, multiple sizes and colors…you get the picture.

my sister margaret (chach) recently visited and gifted me with this set of “colorful” and practical prep bowls.  her love and encouragement mean the world to me and time spent with her is ALWAYS too short.

when creating or preparing a dish, i will prep/chop ingredients and display them in order of their placement into the recipe in separate bowls.  for some of you this might sound like a lot of (extra) work, but for me, the simple routine is relaxing and visually appealing.  maybe i just like chopping things…?

so, if you don’t already have a variety of bowls in your kitchen, or find yourself in a rut using the same ones, why not add a few inexpensive colorful or patterned bowls to your repertoire?  if you’re lucky, maybe your dear sister (or brother) will surprise you with a set.

enjoy and please bookmark colormykitchen.com for upcoming recipes and posts.


p.s.  L-R bowls contain:  chard, edible nasturtiums, peas, japanese cherry tomatoes (i’m seriously addicted!).  all from our garden except for the japanese tomatoes…