sweetpea bouquet for you…and clarification

elena's garden...spring sweetpeas

elena’s garden…spring sweetpeas


hello there, colormykitchen readers…

for all of you who have commented on my blog and those of you who have already signed up for weekly posts via email, i thank you!  all of the positive feedback has been wonderful and encouraging.  i am sending you a small sweetpea bouquet from my garden.  (by the way, sweetpeas are super easy to grow and the colors and perfume are intoxicating…)

however,  for those of you who are not as technologically savvy as me (i’m being 100% facetious here) i apologize for not clarifying exactly where the “subscribe to” button is located on the main page of colormykitchen.com.   when you are on the main page, on the righthand side under the logo there is a FACEBOOK button and an RSS (feed) button.  if you click on the FACEBOOK button you will be directed to my newly launched page.  if you click on the RSS button, you will be directed to another page with a subscription option on the righthand side.  you will be asked to enter the email address to which you’d like to receive my weekly blogpost “updates”.  so… for those of you who ran into difficulties signing up, i am sending you a sweetpea bouquet as well!

keep in touch for next week’s recipe/garden news:  “all kale’s broken loose!”  you guessed it, a kale recipe or two coming your way.

warm thanks for your support in my new endeavor…and a special thank you to my dear friend sandra who gifted me with this beautiful and “colorful” vase for my flower and herb bouquets!




One thought on “sweetpea bouquet for you…and clarification

  1. yes, one of my absolute favorite vessels for showing off blooms!
    thank you, dear friend for your thoughtfulness…and encouragement throughout the years…

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