she knows me well…

showing off the prep bowls...

showing off the prep bowls…

hello friends and family,

in my opinion, you can’t have too many bowls in your colorful kitchen…prep bowls, mixing bowls, cereal/soup/pasta bowls, latte bowls, bowls with pour spouts, multiple sizes and colors…you get the picture.

my sister margaret (chach) recently visited and gifted me with this set of “colorful” and practical prep bowls.  her love and encouragement mean the world to me and time spent with her is ALWAYS too short.

when creating or preparing a dish, i will prep/chop ingredients and display them in order of their placement into the recipe in separate bowls.  for some of you this might sound like a lot of (extra) work, but for me, the simple routine is relaxing and visually appealing.  maybe i just like chopping things…?

so, if you don’t already have a variety of bowls in your kitchen, or find yourself in a rut using the same ones, why not add a few inexpensive colorful or patterned bowls to your repertoire?  if you’re lucky, maybe your dear sister (or brother) will surprise you with a set.

enjoy and please bookmark for upcoming recipes and posts.


p.s.  L-R bowls contain:  chard, edible nasturtiums, peas, japanese cherry tomatoes (i’m seriously addicted!).  all from our garden except for the japanese tomatoes…

2 thoughts on “she knows me well…

  1. I love the beautiful bowls! I recently learned for myself that chopping things ahead of time and having them all lined up in prep bowls made the cooking part so much easier. Maybe this was a “duh” for some people, but for me it was a revelation. I’m going to look for some new bowls…you are right, you can’t have too many.

    • hello terri,
      thank you for your comment. there is something about chopping everything ahead that makes the cooking seem easier…less hectic. also less of a tendency to omit an ingredient. i tend to collect different colors and sizes of pottery when i travel (usually small for ease of transport) and feel blessed that my sister and sister-in-law give me special “kitchen presents” every so often.
      happy spring,

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