gardens and girlfriends…

luscious lavender!

luscious lavender!

happy monday, dear readers,

yesterday was one of those lazy sundays.  lots to do in the garden, yet reading the sunday TIMES after lunch seemed more appealing…

the energy of the afternoon changed with a welcome phone call from my girlfriend, chacha.  though we’ve recently connected after being acquaintances for years, our newfound friendship is a blessing to me at this period in my life.  we are both empty nesters with our daughters off to college and we enjoy many of the same passions:  cooking, gardening, nature, pottery, photography, reading and traveling.  yesterday she called to ask if i would be home as she had picked a bouquet of lavender for me!  “would you like to trade for some greens?” she asked.

she and her husband jon rode over on their bikes for a visit with dave and i.   chacha and i chatted while clipping snowpeas, english peas, lettuces, chards, beets and beet tops, loads of kale, and guavas.  in her beautiful colombian accent she exclaimed that she didn’t have to go to the farmers’ market because she could find what she needed at my house…she felt fortunate that we could barter lavender for greens.

i thought to myself that this impromptu visit is the true meaning of friendship…sharing the abundance of what we have and enjoying an afternoon outdoors in the garden.

i wish you could smell the lavender…certainly a treat for the senses (and “colorful”).



2 thoughts on “gardens and girlfriends…

  1. Hello Elena,
    This is Judy, teller from your bank. I just want to comment that I really like your website and how artistic everything is. I love your story about gardens and girlfriends and the true meaning of frienship 🙂

    • hi judy,
      thank you for your comment!
      so glad you checked out the website and like it. i know how busy you are with school and work. as you know, the project is something near/dear to my heart. i hope in the future you will have a chance to try a few recipes…
      see you soon,

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